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(Leaping towards the future technology seems to be creating an eccentric difference between humanity; this lingers in my mind every once in a while when I Google, when talk to cousins abroad, news. Everything propel me to ponder why am I still so backward? Or should I say WHY WE ARE? Now this is bugging me and I decided to share, to incite the same silly question in your minds and to impel others to take this into account)
After having a local survey on technological barrier, I am convinced to articulate on the enormous difference exist between humanity now. Putting myself in the shoes of those who belong to 90’s, I am a complete apprentice I have no idea what my grandson is doing with his large screen phone. How is he playing that video without having any keyboard, I am really afraid if someday he come to me and say 'grandpa take my picture with that...I don’t even know how to handle that thing. I notion they call it iPods/ iPads / iPhones .I think I should get a mentor from my grandson, how come the young generation knows so much about it.
The life is now a rat race, no one has much time to wait and teach how to use that iPhones/iPads or do facebook and other whatchamacallit to the people like me. And as far as I recall, last time when my son tried to taught me how to send emails, at first it was all so vague and hard to perceived but I believe it is still implicit, I couldn't asked for more that moment because I know my son gave his best to elucidate the mailing procedures.
I notion that I am now too old to comprehend such technological goodies around or I might not putting effort to learn ; I tell you it is hard for me to see things so advance an ease for me. I doubt that this indispensible looking image of technology is a myth perpetuated by the media, in my days there were no such things but we still would able to kept up with things , but now people have made them their necessities, I guess...
At this very moment I am baffled whether this technological advancement is a boon or menace? Back in my days we need to endeavor hard in order to acquire information about stuff that was new, we had to commute place to place with the aim to gather information, doing so we maintained our good health. Nonetheless, the young generation nowadays have access to so much to technology that we never had a years ago, with few clicks they can transport to a different world using internet, they can see pictures, maps, music about any country.
Today they can connect using the internet to play games with each other; I contemplate how they are amazed by playing games in such a way, which seem not interesting to me. I notion it is because I am complete novice regarding this advanced technology or it is just my age factor. I have seen many people especially youngster doing so called facebooking or tumbler etc and putting their personal information onto the internet, which we used to conceal when we were at their ages; they have no idea about what kind of risk they are putting themselves into! The obvious but unconscious issue is what they know they are putting it on there but they don’t think about where their information is actually going! But I reckon they are aware better than people like me about their security stuff.
So what I apprehend up till now is that this technology is a double-edged sword, it is a blessing and curse at the same time. Despite how far I push myself I couldn't be able to keep up with this technological era. I still do prefer my old days, where there were no subtle things. But I do enjoy the fact that I know acquire any information within a second by the help of my grandson through internet, I can call anywhere to my relative using Skype calling, such privilege are indeed commendable, because back in my days we were deprive of this blessing, I enjoy the time I spend on the computer with my family to learn these stuffs, but seriously it is beyond my approach, I still cannot do it myself. Older people like me are secluded from this digital life and hi tech. We are confused and are bombarded with information which turns us off experimenting with technology. I sometimes feel vexed from all these complicated devices, because the all seem fiddle to me. There were time when elders were known to be the source of knowledge, but now it is conspicuous that youngster know much better than us in regard of technology; if they want to get the answer to a fact question they simply solve it authoritatively in ten seconds ,with a WEB search.
Now it deemed to be that this increasing pace of technological development has trail away the accumulated knowledge of us from usefulness to vain. A few month ago I called my old friend and conversation with him quiet motivated me, what I came to know that all this time he strived hard to change and grow with time, he is seventy six , however he do writing and research online at his leisure. He told me that he did it almost everyday and has found out so many things that have made him more curious about technological development. I think all elder people like me should get chance to learn the computer and other stuff but not learning with younger people but rather learning with other elderly people , because we almost have same discernibility towards technology.
Anyhow, this hi tech might not be beneficial for me at this age, but it does for this generation and improvement in technology is extremely crucial, which is blatant from everyday living, so technological amelioration is the need now in order to pave the way for coming generation and to find the unknowns which has been mystifying the science since its inception.
After all this I reckon that technology should grow like we do and should refrain from losing its power to allure humanity.

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